Amnesty International Student Network pay tribute to former conscience prisoner Dinh Dang Dinh

Amnesty International Student Network – section Central Norway

amnesty student network 2

Compiled picture of the board members of Amnesty International Student Network sent to WFHR.

Before individuals pictures with the placard “I am Đinh Đăng Định” were taken, a briefing on Đinh Đăng Định and his contributions to Vietnamese activism was presented by Chelsea Nguyen (21), to the panel. A briefing on the situation for Vietnamese petitioners was also provided. However, “because Đinh Đăng Định was considered as among Amnesty International’s main focus from the Asia Pacific region, it was more appropriate to make placards in memory of his legacy,” said Chelsea. The idea behind the slogan “I am Đinh Đăng Định” aims to send a message to the remaining and courageous activists all around the world, that, “there are many remaining Đinh Đăng Địnhs in this world and that his spirit of activism will never ever perish amongst us.”amnesty student network

“We wholeheartedly wish that these photographs can provide a spiritual boost to those whose basic human right to conduct peaceful expression and activism continues to be breached.” This statement concluded the evening in memory of teacher Dinh Dang Dinh.

The panel of tonight’s annual meeting consisted of: Katinka Ann Bertram (20) (Norway), Ringo Rebouças (22) (Brazil), Nina Augestad Kvitastein (23) (Norway), Odin Ekeroth Sikkeland (22) (Norway), Viktoria Galai (24) (Norway), Elisabeth Asphaug Rauboti (21) (Norway), Babak Moussakhani (Iran), Jorge Isaac Martinez Coroña (27) (Mexico) and Chelsea Nguyen (21) (Norway).

Sidenote: Đinh Đăng Định became this semester’s last (minute) project out of a series of other projects completed by the student network from January to April: Yevgeniy Vitishko (Russian environmentalist activist), Maria Lopéz (Mexican victim of torture) and Eskinder Nega (Ethiopian journalist).